Diplomats Barista

No 2 Snowshill

This was our first coffee shop project and like all the best projects it happened by chance while grabbing a coffee and rushing to get the 7:15 to Paddington from our local train station coffee shop… I missed the train.

The owners of the station coffee shop where looking to grow their business and had taken on a unit in a Birmingham Snowshill development. They wanted to create something very different to the usual corporate coffee shop look and feel.

Located in No. 2 Snowshill office development, it was just a shell. We decided to try and keep as much head height as possible and express the structure and the engineering to create a dynamic space to visit. The counter was designed to defy gravity and provide a very different open feel to the usual coffee shop.

The clients wanted to exhibit contemporary artwork on the walls. At the time we were in the process of redesigning an art gallery. We saw the opportunity to cross-fertilize our projects by connecting two clients together. The gallery needed more foot fall to sell its artwork. Serendipity played its part and we introduced the two clients. I think you will agree it really makes all the difference to the space.

The coffee shop is starting to get some good press coverage in the local news papers Birmingham Post. I hear that the coffee is pretty good as well.

The artwork is by a good friend in our village Kevin Line