The Long Barn

Chipping Camden, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

There are two aspects to this project. One is the conversion of a beautiful existing stone barn into four holiday lets. The other is the construction of a new stone barn, to house a biomass boiler which will supply all of the holiday let units and the existing farm house with all of their heating and hot water requirements.

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photograph of existing building

The objective of the conversion is to preserve and make the best possible use of the existing stone barn buildings. The conversion into holiday lets is not only supported by planning policy, but will also provide a useful income stream for the applicants, as well as occasionally catering for visiting friends and family. In particular, the ground floor flat at the eastern end is fully Part M compliant, to cater for the needs of a disabled family member when visiting.

external 3d concept

Various different configurations have been explored for the sub–division of the barn into holiday let units. The version decided upon was chosen because it resulted in the fewest changes to the fabric of the existing building. Sensitive treatment of the existing stone barn was a key consideration, as was keeping costs to a minimum.

Head height under trusses was a key factor. In order to avoid needing to adjust the trusses or lower the existing floor (and thus need to underpin the walls), a half landing was introduced under the trusses.

3d section of the barn redevelopment external 3d concept external 3d concept