EnerPHit standard house, Wake Green Road

Moseley, Birmingham

This inter–war house in Moseley, Birmingham was a fantastic opportunity to apply our passivhaus experience to an existing building and construct to as close to the EnerPHit standard as possible — a much more challenging prospect than new build.

Being detached, the majority of the building could be externally insulated, thus avoiding many of the issues of cold bridging, or gaps in the insulation, where internal walls and floors meet the outside walls. The front of the house, quite significant in the area as most other houses copied its style, is having the original brick slip and half timbered finish applied (in acrylic) to the outside of the rendered insulation.

This is the perfect example of passivhaus design not needing to be one particular style or another.

At the back of the house, we were less constrained, and have brought the ground floor out at a diagonal. The strong new line brings the glazed kitchen extension further towards South to maximise solar gain, whilst also providing shading to prevent summer overheating. It is highly insulated (like the rest of the house), and has a sedum roof.

The clients moved in just in time for Christmas (2011), and have not needed any heat in the house at all, thanks to it being so well insulated and airtight — not bad for an existing house…

Download the project PDF here

rear elevation

The new rear elevation. Photo by Samuel Ashfield, courtesy of Sto

rear elevation

The new extension to the rear elevation. Photo by Samuel Ashfield, courtesy of Sto

front elevation

The new front elevation. Photo by Samuel Ashfield, courtesy of Sto

half timbered facade

The new acrylic half–timbered facade replicates the existing (see below). Photo by Samuel Ashfield, courtesy of Sto

existing house

The existing house before our alterations — front elevation

existing rear elevation

The existing rear elevation before the renovation work and extension.

site progress

Site progress

computer rendering

A computer rendering of the proposed alterations

north elevation

North elevation

south elevation

South elevation