This was the practice’s second project to have been granted planning permission under what is now NPPF paragraph 80 (and was then paragraph 55).

This is a planning policy which allows isolated new houses in the countryside if they are considered to:  be truly outstanding or innovative, helping to raise the standards of design more generally in rural areas; reflect the highest standards in architecture; significantly enhance their immediate setting; and be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area.

A way to demonstrate whether a particular proposal meets this extremely high bar is to take it to an independent Design Review Panel, who give their opinion on the quality of the design.  In this instance, MADE were the panel, and they said:

“This is a well considered scheme which draws inspiration from, whilst not seeking to mimic, the agricultural buildings found in the area.  This is a refreshing idea which introduces a new aesthetic and provides a better precedent for a larger house than local domestic architecture.  The architecture is sophisticated and distinctive.  The aspirations for sustainable use of energy and water are suitably ambitious for a paragraph 55 house but also appropriate for the site.

“The site chosen for this development is appropriate being on land which is unsuitable for agricultural use, is sufficiently ‘isolated’ for paragraph 55, but close enough to the centre of Barton-on-the-Heath for the occupants to contribute to village life.  The building sits well in the hollow and makes good use of the topography and the adjoining pond.”

Planning permission was awarded at committee level, with unanimous support from all of the committee members.



Private Client


Planning permission granted June 2014


Cotswolds, UK